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[CRASHING] The Dig Boss Fight - Right Before Animation


This is happening on Xbox One. Don’t know about other platforms. I did it ONCE on HEROIC difficult (the first time I entered the Dig), but on my second try (LEGENDARY difficulty) the game crashed to dashboard right before the animation (it didn’t even start). Thus far I’ve attempted to approach it 3 times, but the game either froze or crashed to dashboard on all tries.

So I guess this is game over for now. Please fix it.

The Dig seems to be pretty buggy, many others reported similar and other crashes. I had to stop my journey there and now im waiting for the patch. Im on PS4 btw.

We’re very sorry for the crash, guys; we’re definitely looking into this.

I just had this issue myself. Twice in the dig, just before the animation played my X-box would freeze. I managed to finally get it to work. Here is what I did:

  1. Travel through the dungeon till I went down the crashing elevator, just before the Boss battle.
  2. Used the Teleport pad to teleport back to the entry of the dungeon and exit.
  3. I went back to town and sold some items, but I don’t think it would be necessary. Just putting it here because it’s what I did.
  4. Save and exit to menu
  5. Reload save. (Did not have to restart X-box)
  6. Re-enter dungeon and use teleport pad to return to the Boss room.
  7. When I approached the Glowing Skeleton the animation began and I continued the fight as normal.

I don’t know if your still having the issue but I hope this helps.