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Crash at THQ (Xbox Game Pass for PC)

I appear to be having the same issue reported last year for the Steam version of Battle Chasers, attempted the ‘rename discord_game_sdk.dll’ workaround supplied but it seems there is no way to edit the contents of the “WindowsApps” folders as they are protected and a ‘file access denied’ error is generated when attempting the rename.

Log files are also protected so I cant be sure its the exact same issue.

Anyone know of a workaround? Would love the actually play the game.

Thanks for your time

Same issue here. The game goes back to desktop. Any fixes for the Xbox Game Pass for PC?

@ortizgames any chance you could help us out?

Hey, @f4s7d3r3k and @guiseagal,

That’s no good! All right, let’s try to figure this out.

Your log files are protected? The ones in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battle Chasers Nightwar\BC_Data\output_log.txt

That’s unusual; usually files within Program Files only give you a prompt by Windows asking if you’re sure you want to view the contents of this folder. Without being able to check that, this is pretty hard to debug, so let’s start there.

What error prompt are you getting when you try to open the output log - Access Denied? If so, could you have a look at the following Windows troubleshooting link and see if any of it helps?

Actually, you’re on Xbox Game Pass - I’m not sure what directory the game is even installed in on Xbox Game Pass! I guess if you haven’t even been able to check because of an access denied error, check out that troubleshooting link, and then we’ll try to figure out where this install directory is.

Sorry, what troubleshooting link? I don’t even have a “WindowsApps” folder… All I know is that the game is installed and it crashes at THQ screen. All the other game pass titles work just fine.

You’re also using Xbox Game Pass? I’m afraid I don’t have any information about how this is set up. According to Microsoft it should “just work”. Do you know where the game is installed on your computer?

For myself it is located at: D:\WindowsApps\NordicGames.621857F7DA852_1.0.2.0_x64__46xc33nm0q0f8\BC_Data\Plugins

I was able to grant my admin account ownership to the WindowsApps folder but it doesnt apply to the sub folders and that still only gives permission to read contents of the folders, not write or modify.

I found a few threads lastnight that said something along the lines of any modification to the contents of those folders breaks the applications as they need to match what was downloaded from the Microsoft store, as in its like their form of DRM.

Attempting to modify security settings for the log file gives “you do not have permission to view or edit this object’s permission settings” (Screenshot attached)

Also attached screenshot from notepad error when trying to view the logadvanced%20security%20settings%20for%20output_log notepad

Interesting. I see. Maybe our output log might be breaking the game…? But I would think that wouldn’t outright crash…

I’m sorry, guys, we’ve done absolutely no setup for this. This is a Microsoft feature - presumably they want to set this up so developers don’t have to do anything. And it’s a beta, so some stuff is going to be broken at first.

I’d suggest going on their forums and letting them know there’s an issue. This folder looks super protected; I don’t feel confident walking you through debugging something this complicated - I could screw up your files accidentally, and I wouldn’t want that.

Ok them, thanks for the try. I’ll give it a shot on their support website.

@guiseagal I created a thread with Microsoft where it seemed correct. Maybe @ortizgames could pop in and give some more info to them to help get the ball rolling?