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Corpse Explosion

For those that aren’t aware, Corpse Explosion is an ability possessed by all of the various Lich-type enemies that destroys one of its allies and deals a massive amount of damage to one of the PCs.

The strange thing about Corpse Explosion is that it is unaffected by Taunt mechanics, which is pretty problematic (my guess is that, on the back end, Corpse Explosion targets the Lich’s ally and the damage portion of the attack is basically applied to a random PC as a secondary effect) from a tactical perspective.

I’m curious if this is intended behavior or not. It is one of the very few checks to the strategic control provided by Taunt mechanics, but the fact it’s only on this one ability makes me question whether it’s intentional or accidental (and, if accidental, whether there’s any plan to fix it in the future).