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Controls Lock Out Randomly After Some Battles

Not sure if this is happening because this is the last day to play the Beta but this has already happened to me 2 times in The Dig. I decided to do a last few dungeon runs before the official release tomorrow and I am having trouble finishing just 1 run. After a few fights my controls lock out, I can’t hit Esc or E to accept battle rewards and go back to running the dungeon… This forces me to close the game and open it again in order to resume the dungeon and run back to where I left off… Hopefully this bug doesn’t carry over to official release because it’s extremely annoying. Stops the momentum of running the dungeon because you lose control of being able to interact with the game…

hi @Omni_Games! We fixed a major bug with combat where youd be locked in the rewards screen. It could be triggered if a unstable bomber triggers his unstable explosion off of a DoT or if a hero dies from a DoT after an enemy dies from a DoT. Do you remember if any of those were the case?

Actually I think so yes, I think both times was with an unstable bomber.

Ok the good news is that it should be fixed on release :slight_smile:

Good to hear @Airship-Steve, looking forward to tomorrow’s release!

@Airship-Steve I am sorry to report that I encountered this bug last night in the PS4 version of the game on a PS4 Pro. Did the PS4 not get this bug fix? I was facing a Lycelot bomber and he died in a way I had not seen before, where he exploded and damaged my whole party. I can’t remember if he was killed by a bleed effect or by the swordsman’s ability that consumes up to 40 overcharge and turns it into extra damage. When the reward screen came up the X and O buttons did nothing although the game was still otherwise running. Very disappointing as this occured halfway through a big dungeon and last autosave was outside.

Sorry that happened @gmfaux. We are working on a patch incoming for consoles that address a bunch of major bugs and balance tweaks based on feedback coming soon. It should be addressed in that patch. Thanks for the report. Sorry again that happened :frowning:

I can confirm this is happening on the steam version of the game as well and can confirm it did occur after defeating an exploded lycelot bomber in the red garden

This happens to me randomly though it has nothing to do with bombers, it’s happened all throughout the game. I run a pretty high end system (1080 TI water cooled with a 7700k water cooled) so I doubt it’s my system, and it’s plumb darn frustrating. I stopped playing until this patch comes through (whenever it actually does, the silence about it isn’t great at all), but I didn’t see a mention about it so I might just have to pass up on the game until it eventually gets caught and fixed.

Unfortunate as I was a backer and was looking forward to the game, but it’s not like there aren’t big name releases coming out this month I guess.