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Continue after story?


Once you complete the story is it still possible to continue to level up any non max characters, re-run dungeons etc or is it NG+ only, also if there is a NG+ how does that work?

hello, once u beat the last boos u got the credit screen, and you come back so the save selection screen. U got two choices:

1st choice:
start a ng+ game: your characters are back to lvl1, inventory is emptied (money and shadows coins and crafting materials too) and u start over the whole story. Ur will overwrite you save so be careful !

U keep all the perks you unlocked, all entries in the bestiary and fishing book and previous entries lore from the first playthrough though.

Bonus: mythic difficulty is unlocked for all dungeons, and u got access to legendary craft and drop (jewelry and armors).

2nd choice: u don’t start a ng+ and play on your save right before the last boss, u can level up all you chars and grind for stuff.

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great stuff, thanks for that.