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Console Update, Including Switch

Hey everyone! A couple of announcements in regards to console versions. First some exciting news:
Battle Chasers: Nightwar has been approved for release on Switch by Nintendo. Our publisher THQNordic is working on the final step: manufacturing/distribution details (takes a while to make and get on shelves). Official release date announcement coming soon!

In regards to the xbox/ps4 patches, we haven’t forgotten you! We are trying to get in all the bug fixes/goodies we added to the switch version in this patch as well. Unfortunately, it introduced some console specific bugs for xbox and ps4 that we are ironing out as we speak. We want you all to be able to play the best version of the game asap. Thank you for the patience!


Fixed that for you since the ps4/xbox community has been waiting since January 23rd already…

How about digital codes for Switch? I really been looking to get the game digitally anyway, I never backed the physical version of it.

They’ve said before that the digital and physical versions will be released at the same time.

They gave the news 20 days ago and we continue without any information of the release date in Switch

Hi all! I love the game. But it won’t let me access banog cave. When you enter, 3 steps forwards just kicks you back out. Is there a work around to this? Am I an idiot? It’d be nice to figure this out.

Thanks very much!