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Congrats on the launch

Just wanted to say Congrats to Airship Syndicate for releasing an awesome game! I know everyone at Airship is still probably super busy with figuring out all the backer keys, misc bugs and making sure everyone can play the game.

You can really tell that everyone put a lot of effort and time into making such a fun and beautiful game. Hopefully the feedback from players and fans will show that all your hard work was worth it. Again excellent work, can’t wait to play more.


Also from my side congratulations to the release.

Finally, once again a game, where it is fun to start from the beginning. And just to die at level 5.:wink:

Agreed. Congrats on a successful release. Game got some really good scores and is a lot of fun. Also, it’s definitely the most beautiful 2d game I’ve ever played.

Wonderful job. Thank you.

Thanks for the kind words everyone! The feedback from the beta was a big help to us also in getting ready for launch. Big thanks to everyone! <3

Didn’t want to create another topic but after a few hours in (well… between beta and release, a bit more than a hundred hours ^^)

ng+ is nearly done, and so far what a blast !!

thanks you guys your game is really awesome: art/mucic/sounds are obviously great but there isn’t much bugs to darken my experience so kuddo AS !! And again, thanks for your presence in the forum, for your tips, and helps ! Special thanks to @Airship-Steve for helping players by hotfixing their saves (tbh this is the first time I see this =))

I don’t really enjoy turn based game but this one hooked me hard ! Glad I backed your game !