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[CLOSED] Select differents Languages for audio & text

Hello all !

I’m french and it’s a pleasure to see the game already translated.
I really dont like your french actors, they their voice are not appropriate and they do not have good intention when acting.
Is it possible to keep french for all texts but select english or japanese voices ?

Currently we can’t but could you make it happens. Anyway someone will find how to change game files to do it ^^

thx and sorry for your french actors :confused:

You can go into the


And you can select separately the text you see and the language spoken. I’m currently playing around with Japanese audio and English text.

Note you can only do this in the main menu, you cannot change this while you’re playing. But to be clear you can play the game, exit to the main menu, change the options, and load the save game, and the options you chose will work.

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Ok my bad if I’m wrong I didn’t saw this at the first launch :confused:
we can really choose this when you select new game for first time ?? Damned I’m fucking blind !
Topic Closed ^^

You would have had to gone into the options in the main menu rather than in-game to notice

When the game first launches before the intro sequence it asks you for one language and then auto populates the voice and subtitles to your selected language. you’d have to go in after that part to tweak it to make them different.

You should ask separately for text and for voices at first game launches. My 2cents

We tested this, actually! We really would have liked to incorporate it, but it made for a pretty bad first time in user experience. It was much more common that people would want to read text and hear voices in the same language, so we went with the route that would appeal to the majority.

I kinda get the orignal design of the UI when you first see it. I actually am thankful you get the option of that BEFORE the intro sequence goes through.

I think if possible it would be nice ifyou could provide the UI option to change language text/voice while in-game and not just in the main menu

I agree, and trust me, I was very disappointed when I had to remove the feature from in-game due to it creating far too many bugs.

We’ll keep it on our list of things to try to get to. Thanks for the feedback, guys!