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Claiming code question

hello! i just had a quick question about claiming my backers code, i’m super excited to play this game but i want to wait for the switch version to come out so i can play it on the go. I was just wondering if the code expires at all or if im fine waiting for the switch version.

You should be fine waiting :slight_smile:

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I also have a question about the code.

I have backed for the physical copy of the switch, does that mean I have to use the digital code for the switch version (when its available) or can I download the ps4 digital version and it not affect my physical switch version.

Because I’d love the digital on ps4 to enjoy now while waiting on my switch physical release, I just want to make sure it wouldnt cause any issues down the line

I believe you can pick any single one of the digital formats you want. I’m waiting for my PS4 physical copy and used the download code for GoG.

Hello Sir, I have just recently downloaded the PS4 version with one of my given keys (waiting for my physical copy), loaded it all up and tried to redeem and use two of my reward keys, in game and something went wrong. I checked the code by the “verify code” checker on the BC site and the codes came up invalid… did I go wrong somewhere? Y’all are kicking a$$, thanks for giving us so much time and a awesome sauce covered game!!! BTW, are you guys hiring?!! LOL

Hey Lex, if you shoot an email to we can get you sorted out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I know I posted on another topic about this my codes came up invalid as well. I tried emailing They told me to post here. Not sure what to do. I know you guys are busy with patches and fixes to the game a quick response would be appreciated. Thank you.

OK Sending that email.

I also have a code question. My bro and I both contributed to our kickstarter package. We have two save files but the items are only showing on the first save file. How do we get them to show up on the second?

You can go to his save slot and go to the extras menu there and enter the codes there aswell

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That worked! Thank you so much!