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Cheater's Ring Stat Stays The Same In Any Rarity

When you get Cheater’s Ring from killing Gamblers in Iron Outpost it doesn’t matter if it’s white, green or purple rarity, it always gives 10% gold find increase passive stat. Maybe white can give 5%, green can give 10% and purple 15%? Cause right now what’s the point of even having variation on rarity if they all give 10%? I know it’s not a ring a lot of us use often but I can see myself using them along with the Booty Blade and Ring of Prosperity if I want to farm gold in case there’s really expensive stuff late game…

Agree. It’s kinda lame they all give 10%

There’s a hidden passive that that gives you 1 extra common part for every 300/200/100 that you find.

Also, having one that is epic means you’re better than other cheaters :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic cheater … great :smirk: