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Chaoseater update request

@Airship: Can we get an update for the Chaoseater? I remember an early picture of the game showing the weapon with a discretion that reads something like "the weapon grows more powerful the more souls it eats,"or something like that.

I suggest allowing us to craft an level 1 legendary that can go up to level 30 the more Garrison uses it.

Also it be nice if we had Darksiders-themed weapons for the other characters :slight_smile:

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Then what the point of ANY other weapons for Garrison if you will get legendary item from level 1?
Or you have to use it all game long or it will be useless. As I understand the point correctly.

It’s a choice! You can play using the one sword, slowly building up its power, or you can use the weapons available through drops or crafting. This is a special weapon just for us backers, so it won’t hurt the general gameplay for everyone else.

While I’m not sure about getting the chaoseater at a legendary quality from lvl 1I have to admit that being able to craft a legendary chaoseater interests me. The design of that sword is just so epic that I want Garrison to use it at all time!
And if it could grow in power it could be good… but probably too powerful unless a cap exists.

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The point is to make it all powerful, but it would gain level at a slower rate than the characters, depending on the number and level of enemies you kill with it.

A nice effect would be getting different color skulls flying out from the enemy slain by it and getting absorbed by the sword, maybe have it glow of something every few levels.

But that’s why it needs to be legendary and craftable at level 1.

Come on guys, back me up on this and lets get a new legendary just for us. This open a new way to play the game.

How can I make this topic into a pole?

It seems I was wrong on at least 1 point.
You can indeed craft a legendary Chaoseater :slight_smile:
In NG+ you can craft beyond the epic level and reach the legendary level for your items!
OK the sword won’t grow in power but that’s still cool :slight_smile:

I figured that out bu accident when I started crafting in NG+ Bit I still want a Legendary lvl 1, maybe found in the starting area, that grows the more you kill with it.

Make it for us guys :slight_smile:

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Bumping this topic! Looking for community support

Bumping this topic one more time!

We wanted to do something like that but for design/implementation choices we changed how it works to its current state.

Great! Is there any possibility of getting that idea re-implemented? I mean
it shouldn’t throw the game out of balance, since it just for one character
and only for the backers.

Please make it happen :slight_smile:

That’s not something that’s on our radar, unfortunately.

Thanks anyway! I won’t bring it up again!

Oh shit good to know. I didn’t realize this and I’m on NG+ right now. Sweet

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