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Can't complete 2nd sewers quest

I have finished the second sewer quest (the one with the big slime), but can’t complete it. I tried talking to the guy at the inn (the one that gave me the quest) but nothing happens. I have already searched for any not-killed slimes in the sewers but I have killed them all, also, theres the white/grey exclamation point on top of the inn as if I still have something to do before completing the quest, but there isn’t. Is there a way to fixing this bug?
Thanks in advance.

Are you on PC? If so, can you message me your save file?

After you killed the boss slime, did your party have a short conversation?

Yep I’m on PC. The problem is I kept playing after that, so I can’t remember if there was a party conversation afterwards.
I’m not exaclty sure where the saved file is located. But I’ll sent you what I found.