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Can the sequel PLEASE star the town merchants?

After our heroes smack all the hornets’ nests and leave, the bad guys get together and burn down Harm’s Way. With their property and income gone, the merchants have no recourse but to seek their fortune, which will involve cleaning up a lot of the Battle Chasers characters’ messes along the way.

Grimbeard is the basic tank. Barkeep is a debuff-tank.

Beastmaster Raha is melee DPS. Mercuri is magic DPS.

Quall is a thief and the medic-type healer. Collector is a “pre-emptive healer” using shields and buffs.

The fishmonger joins the party for a brief sidequest and is actually much cooler than any of them.

Together, They Fight Crime!

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Yeah and make the Town 3D just like the Porte Cantina and Fishmonger Area :laughing:

We actually joked about the NPCs being an awesome band of heroes. I want to play them too!