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Caldeus Skull doesn't drop


First of all, thanks for the game, it’s amazing, and it makes me love again the RPG-genre.

So, I would like to get the Caldeus Skull.
I know it’s in Deadwatch, I did the dungeon numerous time.
I found the bonepile (even 2 times in a run), and never it gave me the precious Caldeus Skull.
I read online it should be an assured drop, and people got this issue before, but it was patched.

I went already into the tomb of caldeus, and read the 4 books. I dunno if it was necessary or not but I did it anyway (numerous times)

And also, it’s my NG+
I still didn’t got it on my first run tho.

Hope someone can help me, because this is very frustrating.

Have a good day

Im having the same issue.

is there a fix?