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Burst Skill Scaling

What do burst skills scale off of? Is there a primary attribute affecting these or is it level based?

Some of them, like Garrison’s Heart Bleed, seem to increase in damage and remain relatively effective as you level up.

Others, like Calibretto’s Purify, still only restore ~70 health despite some of my party members having over 700 HP. The skill quickly becomes less useful as a healing spell and more useful for its ability to remove 2 debuffs. However, it does not seem to compare well to Gully’s level 1 burst which applies a scaling shield to the entire party, effectively granting more health (in most situations) although I’ll admit it doesn’t purge debuffs.

It seems like some of them scale off a percentage while others increase in flat values that quickly fall away.

Is this intentional?

They all scale off of AP. If you buff up calibretto’s AP it should scale up aswell. All damage, healing and shields scale off of AP also. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, AP being attack power

That’s definitely another layer of complexity added to the equipment management. Is there a particular reason why healing and shielding scale off of attack power?

If I’m building a character to be a tanky healer it almost seems counter-productive as one must then factor in AP into all of their build decisions.

There’s no way to effectively let anyone focus on anything except AP - everyone must have the highest AP possible to be the most effective in combat with their abilities - or else they’re relegated to simply taking more hits than anyone else.

AP is important for everyone, but all the stats are important. Focusing only on AP will lead to a super glass cannon. Its up to you how much of that you’d like. Getting into later in the game, when utilizing character’s perks youll also notice some characters playstyles may prefer duifferent stats also (ex. a high crit build for garrison with his Berkserk ability, or a high stam build which will let gully be extra tanky but still get a ton of damage out of reckoning, etc) Hope this helps!