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Burst effect not always displayed above the UI

Hello @ortizgames @Hakan ,

There’s a very small detail that… still irritate me a little :wink:
From time to time (most of the time) the burst effect (in particular the bosses) isn’t always displayed above the UI.
In my opinion it should always be display on top of any other effect or UI just to enjoy the effect as much as possible. Each time I see the UI when the bosses are preforming their BURST it irritates me :wink:

Could you fix that? I know it’s a detail… but it’s always probably an easy fix :wink:

Can you tell if this is something considered in a future patch?
Otherwise I propose to have an image gallery included in the game with all the burst images in the game :wink:
I need that! @ortizgames @Hakan @strangelove @Joe :innocent: