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Build 23636 PS4

Does the console audience just not matter to you guys? It’s been over a month since this patch was released on PC and the last I saw anything related the console patch was you were working on it as of Feb. 5th. It’s now March 6th, let the community know what’s going on?

The fact is that console patches take weeks or even months to get through the certification process so you’ll never get a patch day and date with the PC version. This doesn’t take into account that the PC version is likely the primary development version of the game so while they probably work on both at the same time (depending on resources) the PC version of patches are almost always going to be at least a couple weeks ahead of the console versions.

If you want quick patches play it on the PC.

The fact is that your reading comprehension could use some work. This is/was a communication issue, they stopped communicating about progress being made on patches for released versions of the game.

My reading comprehension is just fine.
Maybe they have more important things to do than coddle you. I’m sure if/when they have something worth announcing they will announce it. Besides, It’s only been a month, calm down and stop being so clingy and dramatic.

No, lol, it still needs work.
Why are you even replying almost a week later? Did you not see that later in day after I posted this thread, they did make an announcement. Reading FTW.