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[BUGS] Various Minor Bugs

Hi again!

Got some minor bugs here. The Burst meter outline doesn’t work quite right. When you have the first level filled its fine, When you have the second level filled , only the 1st level is outlined. If you have both levels filled when you enter a battle, neither are filled until you use some.

In the Blood and Water 4/4 note, there is a double quote in the Loremaster signature like below,

A Kickstarter Loremaster Entry"

Thanks for the report, @shadowhermit! We’ll look into these.

I also noticed that sometimes the Burst won’t show ‘Lvl 2’ even though the characters could use it, but haven’t been able to reproduce.
It happened first when I first met Knolan and he didn’t have his second burst, whereas my other dudes did. But as @shadowhermit mentioned, after using it, if it filled again the ‘Lvl 2’ would appear.