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[BUGS] Junktown teleport

One of the teleports in Junktown, the one with it’s own location twice already broke game for me. Basically when pressed to teleport somewhere else nothing happens and i am unable to leave location. Have to start game again.

Never knew teleportation would break the game.

Wheres the redundancies systems when you need it?

Even them star trek egineers got redundancies for that stuff lol

@Hagu do you mean the teleporter in the first room you enter?

Yes. First teleport.


This actually happens to me on every teleporter in the area since the most recent patch. It did not happen prior to the patch. I had saved and come back to the dungeon, if that is relevant.

Also, the last teleporter never spawned in the last room on the right path in Path of Fangs. New since patch, I have run that on Legendary twice and only had it happen on the second trip.

I had this same issue. It also caused another issue. Once I saved and exited, then restarted the game I was outside Junktown… normal. I enter the dungeon on Continue not reset and everything in the dungeon has been reset all creatures have respawned and fog of war is back.