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Bugs and Feedback from my beta playthrough

I beat the Beta. It was a joy to play. Still, I found a few bugs of varying degrees of seriousness.

  • An item that could not be collected on the world map (twice)
  • the portal up north (The Iris?) has a dialog to activate it, but there is no feedback of any kind when you select yes or no. Potentially this one is just deactivated for the beta.
  • The most serious bug was in Junktown when I was walking onto a lift on Legendary difficulty and I was not totally on or off the lift when it began to move. It then locked me in a spot where I couldn’t escape and I had to quit the game to fix it.

As for feedback, I feel like certain abilities aren’t giving a payoff to make them worthwhile yet. Garrison has that 10% damage for 3 turns buff. Assuming all 3 members of your party attack all 3 of those turns, you are still just getting back 90% of the damage you would have done otherwise. While there situations where you have nothing better to do, I feel like 15% would make it more worthwhile. I also find with stacking evasions bonuses on Monica they tend to fall off before they really matter. I have about as good a chance of just stunning them and avoiding an attack with her other skill. Also, Garrison’s crit chance buff with berserk is absolutely savage.