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[BUG] Unable to open every collector chest

Well, basically i had purchase 99 of each chest from the collector, well, i just wanted to look at what loots can we get from them.

I was able to open around 3-4 of those boxes and gotten some loot and the rest of the boxes were untriggerable so they are just sitting in my inventory say tsk tsk, what a naughty boy you are. tsk tsk.

Selecting them opens up a Use/Cancel option. Selecting “Use” did nothing and get me back to the inventory while cancel just gets me back to the inventory without any issue.

Attached is my save file:

Thanks a lot for the info and the save file, @mrfatso; I’ll look into this.


Thank you for the response.


I was mistaken, i just went back into the game and majority of the chest were empty, it was just that i had purchase so many of them that i couldnt tell if they were being opened or not.

But in the end, the chest were opened and i manage to free up my inventory

Oh, great!!
Thank you for reporting back, @mrfatso; the bug where chests purchased in bulk are empty should now be fixed.

Thanks @ortizgames , I just tried purchasing 100 of those boxes and i gotten loot from each and every one of them.