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[BUG][UI]Can't back out of "Enter Code" in Extras Menu

Hi there,

Two bugs here, title bug I felt merited this topic since the last one was 24 days old and this just happened to me tonight.

I’m using an Xbox One Elite Controller on Windows 10 (currently updated) and I couldn’t use “b” to get out of the code entry, hopefully this is something squashed for the retail release on Tuesday.

Second thing is that buying multiple chests from the collector causes an issue where any after the first one don’t really “enter” the inventory and thus when you open them, you get no loot. The solution is to buy one, back out of his inventory for sale, re-enter it and buy another, that’s the only way I was able to fix it. Not sure if this is fixed for launch, but hopefully it wouldn’t be an issue for many - I just wanted to try it out and see what the odds looked like.