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[BUG] Strongmont, the two summoners

There’s seems to be a problem in the rooms with the Liches you have to kill in order to battle the dungeon boss of Strongmont.
After clearing the room and defeating the summoning lich the game still thinks that there are enemies around. This is especially annoying if there’s a fishing spot.

EDIT: Leaving and entering the dungeon removes the mobs’ red skull from the dungeon map, but the summoning lich is back and you can use the fishing spot. Approaching the lich leads to a battle.

Hi @newy, thanks for the reports! It sounds as though the “enemy marker” in these particular rooms is not being removed due to spawned skeletons being spawned off the map. We’ll look in to this issue and see what we can do to get this sorted out. Interesting that you’re finding the lich returns after clearing it and re-entering. We’ll take a look at this as well.