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[BUG] Southern Gate (following the bandit letter quest)

I went by the big gate to the top-right side of it, took the crate and fell down from the rock stairs there. Continued moving a bit and then I got totally stuck pretty much behind the original gate where you enter the discovery area.

Edit; Maybe it’s worth mentioning that I couldn’t reproduce this second time I entered the same place.

Hi @ThePowFin, sorry you ran in to this! There is a newer version of this micro-dungeon that will be added in a patch that may have this location resolved. In the meantime, would it be possible to take a screenshot of the location you fell down at? Just want to make sure I’m referencing the correct spot you are referring to. We’re also looking in to an issue that is causing pieces of collision to simply not load, so also trying to see if this may be a case of that. Thanks so much!

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Hi, Andy!

Alright, sweet. Here’s a screenshot of the place where I fell through. I think I approached the stairs with only character’s silhouette being visible.

Thanks for the awesome game, by the way. I have to force myself into not playing this through, because I want to experience the full release later on with a little bit more polished final version of the game.


@ThePowFin - Thanks so much for the support! Glad you’ve been enjoying the game! Also, thank you for the screenshot! Took a look at the room and the area in question - what you experienced should hopefully be fixed up in the upcoming patch. :slight_smile: