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[Bug] Resting at the inn


Since I opened the door to the moors (southern area), resting at the inn does not trigger dialogs anymore (all it does is darken the screen for a few seconds), and does not reset the resources on the world map. Other things seems to work correctly though. My health is set to full, my dungeon abilities are also reset, and I do pay the rest cost.

The last thing, i’m not sure about it, the curse of Bhargus that I get from the mobs in the moors does not get removed by resting at the inn, but leaving the game and restarting after resting does remove it, is this normal? Or due to the other bug that I noticed?


Hi there!

Depending on your progression in the story, a dialog will be unlocked. If you have seen all your unlocked dialog, all it does is darken the screen like you said :slight_smile:

When I rest, resources didn’t reset but monsters. I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but I think it is legit. If you want to reset your map resources, you can do a dungeon, because the time will continue as long as you are in.

I hope this helps!

Hi Enolya,

Thanks for your answer.
I also thought that for the dialog, but it just feels weird that no new dialog were unlocked after I defeated both the War Golem and the dungeon in the moors. Shouldn’t there be new dialog every time you progress in the story?

For the resources, I noticed before that resting at the inn was reseting the world map resources, I did it a few times to farm resources, but maybe it was just a coincidence. This might also explain why I ran out of dialog. I guess you are right though, it makes sense that the resources only get reset by a timing, to prevent farming.

Any thoughts for the Curse of Bhargus?