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[BUG][RESOLVED] Unable to sell fish

I start a new game with the new version (V.22972) and when I went to the fish monger, I haven’t any fish to sell, so he didn’t buy anything. But, after catching a lot of fishes, I return to the fish monger and he doesn’t offer me to buy my fishes, so I can’t get any dark coins.

If you check your inventory and look at the description for the different fish chunks, it will say how many of them are required to turn in for coins. Do you have more than those numbers? (ex. may need 10 of a certain type to get 1 coin)

It’s not a lucky day, because I had to get more than 20 fishes to get 1 dark coin… My bad.

Where is this number? I never see it.

The description of the item will say. Higher level or more rare fish chunks will require less to turn in for coins

Heavier fish will convert into more of its chunks.

Ok, thank you for the info!