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Bug Ragnarok Quest


I found a bug and i can’t finish the quest to get Ragnarok.

I have all 3 items for invoke boss quest (hat, stick, eyeglass) but when i interfere with the grave, nothing happen.

I observed when i exite graveyard and i come back i can drop again a stick. (actually i have 4 stick in my inventory).

I have a french GOG version game.

Thanks for take time to read this

(sorry for my bad english)

Hi there!

Did you “upgrade” the hat?

If not, try to find someone who can “upgrade” it :slight_smile:



yes you have right, i didn’t trade hats. It’s done and all works.

Thanks .

But i always have a colection of sticks in my inventory ^^

I think it’s a bug for these :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats and enjoy :slight_smile:


The same happens to me, I have all the items but I do not have the option to invoke it.

Has any solution been found?


Hi there!

Did you “upgrade” your hat to get the second one?