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[BUG][PS4] Gully's 'Barrier Swing' protecting wrong party member

First off: LOVING the game! Absolutely stellar, refreshing revitalization of the JRPG.

The bug: Gully’s ‘Barrier Swing’ says it deals damage and then puts up a protection on the party member “most damaged at the time”. I use Gully as tank, so I cast it when she was approx. 232/270 HP and the other two party members were full health: Calibretto was 240/240 and Garrison 210/210. I received no further damage from the enemy mobs and when ‘Barrier Swing’ was cast, it ended up protecting Garrison, who despite being the lowest health, wasn’t damaged at all.

I thought this might be a bug based on the text of the ability. I’m hoping it’s meant to protect damaged party members instead of lowest health, because that makes it a better ability for when using a tank role :smiley:

Keep up the GREAT work, team. Amazing game!

I think the devs had a different intention for the ability, I quoted one from another thread, but I agree it’s a little confusing ATM :

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Ahh, my bad for the duplicative “bug” post! Perhaps it’s just a text/wording miscommunication, then. Though I agree with the original poster from a month ago: the ability (as we perceived it) would be much more intuitive for a tank role!

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