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[BUG] [PS4] "Behold, my true form" trophy not unlocking

Hey guys,

ran into another bug just now:

If multiple characters reach lvl 30 at once after a fight (I fought the last hunt boss and Alumon, Monica and Garrison reached lvl 30) the trophy for reaching lvl 30 will not unlock. I haven’t checked if you can still unlock it on that save if a 4th character reaches lvl 30, as I converted to a previous save, only had 1 character reach lvl 30 and unlocked the trophy.
You might want to look into that.


Hey @Aeshmah, thank you for the report! I’d like to suggest making your way back to Harm’s Way, saving and exiting the game, then loading back in to Harm’s Way. Let me know if you receive the achievement then!

Hey Andy,

I’d love to help, but AFAIK you can only get the trophies on PS4 once per account, so een if I could revert back to the save state where I wasn’t lvl 30 yet leveling up wouldn’t unlock the trophy again. :frowning:
Maybe someone else who’s close to 30 and hasn’t unlocked the trophy can chime in, though?

Thanks for the report, this is fixed in the upcoming patch!


I’m having problems in the ifinta arena PS4, it’s crashing nonstop, hang on the fight.