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[Bug] [PS4] All interactive items become inaccessible

I have not been able to replicate this bug, as the events leading up to it were pretty specific. I was in a dungeon and chasing after a surveyor, spamming the X button to catch it. I believe at the same time as I was interacting with the surveyor, I entered into combat with an enemy. After the battle, I was unable to interact not just with the surveyor (I did not catch it before combat), but with all items on the map: crafting stations, teleports, resource nodes, etc. Zoning did nothing, and ultimately I had to close the game and relaunch in order to be able to interact with anything.

I had the same issue happen to me. It occurred during the junktown dungeon.

happend to me in junktown dungeon. same scenario as @monkor - was chasing surveyor mashing x button when i was put into combat. after combat nothing was able to be used. had to close game and relaunch. controller also unresponsive except for the playstation button and movement

Thanks for the report. We’ll look into this!

I just had this bug right now on pc. I about to enter combat, used Garrison’s dungeon dash ability and was on top of a surveyor. After combat I couldn’t interact with anything, doors, lore you name it. ^^