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[BUG] Path of the Fang

In the banner man camp for the bloodmoon tribe (north camp), there was an elemental that spawned in a weird spot that is accessible to fight, floats visible in open spaces but disappears behind solid objects, like the campfire . See picture below. Couldn’t get it to spawn in a different location if I left the area and came back.

And I think this is already addressed(?) There is no button reference in the second explore skill (i am using a wired Logitech Controller).

And sometimes the glam of unchecked chests does not go away after being opened.

As a suggestion, after you catch a fish if I hit A immediately after the “Great Catch” popup, it just skips the fish description popup before showing at all, maybe should disable the skip part?

@shadowhermit - Definitely interesting finding an elemental under the ground there… I’ll take a look at the navigation and spawns in that room.

In regards to the button prompt not appearing for the second dungeon ability, I’ll forward this to @ortizgames.

In the upcoming patch, there should be a fix going in to resolve the loot sparkles persisting on looted chests. Thanks so much for the reports! I see what you’re saying in regards to fishing prompts being a little too easy to press A through; could be something we can tweak as well. :slight_smile:

@AirshipAndy Thanks Andy! Always a pleasure to see your replies :slight_smile:

Also in Path of the Fangs, the dungeon with two fish pools as i remember. After leaving fish pool on the right, sound of water splashing when catching fish stayed with me.

@AirshipAndy some more Path of Fangs issues.

1/2 issues: The chest in in this camp fire (below) in the screenshot the character has to stand in this exact position to open the chest, not closer or further away or in another other position around the chest.

2/2 this is a bigger issue. I am doing the legendary retry of the Path of Fangs, and I got stuck to the point I had to Alt-F4 the game. The ESC and inventory stopped working and the gate that needs the brute key closed, I cant open it on the other side of the gate. In the regular quest it stayed open but not this time! Its unfortunate, but better its caught now than a month later.

@Hagu - Thank you for the report regarding fishing sounds! We’ll take a look at this and see what we can do.

@shadowhermit - Sorry you ran in to the gate issue during your Legendary run! Do you remember what actions you may have completed just before ESC and the inventory stopped working? We’ll also take a look at the gate and see what may have occurred. In regards to the chest at that location - due to the size and location of the loot chest, this is probably causing some issues with the loot range. We can probably replace the chest here with something larger. Thanks again for the reports!

@AirshipAndy, if i remember correctly, what i did, was fought the wolves inside, did the elevator puzzle and got the treasures, after I did those is when I noticed the gate was closed and I could not open the menu. I think there is a problem with encounters in some re-runs. I had this problem with the Town Sewer part 2 run, where the inventory would work up until the first battle, then it stopped working. So I have a strong inclination to say that it is related to that.

While i have your attention, its not a bug just a small eye twitch. The storyteller wolf calls himself an “old man” but tells the story of his leader in his younger years as a “young pup”. For the sake of consistency I would have the storyteller says “old wolf” instead of “old man”

Thanks for the replies!

Thanks @shadowhermit, all of this information helps so much, and thanks for the feedback regarding the Storyteller Lycelot event! We’ll take a look at what’s been reported. :slight_smile: