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Bug on Steam Mac version

Hi there!!

I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent game, it works GREAT on Mac so far. However, I encountered an issue while fishing on the 1st Temple. I am currently on Steam running High Sierra (all updated) and playing with an Xbox One Controller (and with the keyboard sometimes).

What actually happens is that the game sort of freezes while the bar for the throwing strength (E keyboard/A on controller) flashes and it is only possible to access some menus (pressing Y works). However, once this issue strikes, it is impossible to keep playing and I had to force quit the game in order to be able to continue. No matter how many times I try to do it differently, if I want to fish, te error still persists and… force quitting is a must once again.

Hope you solve this ASAP.

Hey, @Galdrym!

We’re trying to test this in the office but are struggling to reproduce the issue.
What we’ve tried doing:

  1. Starting a cast
  2. Opening the book while the bar is going up and down (either F for Fishiary or I for Inventory)
  3. Closing the book again with the Back or Toggle Book button
  4. Hitting the Back button to cancel the cast or the Cast button again to cast the line

We’re able to continue as normal each time. What steps are you using that gets you stuck? Do you have a video of the issue?

Thanks a lot!