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[BUG] Minor bug on PS4 NG+

Hi guys,
thanks for this fantastic game.

I finish the story in NG+ and 2 or 3 bug appears in this 2nd game.

  • i finish the normal party with the 2nd appearence for Calibretto, Gully and Red Monika.
    I wanted to buy others in NG+ but in collector shop (NG+) there was only appearance for Garrison. I suppose that in my NG+, there was only appearance for the 3 first members (Calibretto, Gully and Garrison) and i had already 2 of them. So i buy Garrison appearance and now it’s impossible for me to buy alternative appearance for Knolan and Alumon. Appeareance Tab has disappeared from shop, for the game i already bought all item in this section.

  • The alchemist dosen’t sell me all the potion books. I finish NG+ game, i’m level 30 and my best potion is lvl 13, don’t have this problem in normal game. (bug or something i forgot to unlock ? … looks like a bug, I do not remember having missed something) – EDIT : i just start the game, don’t know why, now i can buy missing potions books.
  • Missing sky pirate airship to forge Calibretto ultimate weapon. I was able to craft this weapon at lvl 26 in normal game. Now, i finish NG+ game, and i never see the airship, i check very very often, before / after every dungeon, before and after rest in town, before and after enter fisherman place etc… maybe a bug, maybe not, but it’s very strange. I know where i see the airship in my normal game.

  • The last upgrade for Beastmaster Raha cost 2500 gold, but in text dialog, she said it’s 5000 (play in french, I do not know if this is the case in other languages.)