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[Bug] Minor bug, but major problem for Gully builds

The Bug

Gully’s ability Barrier Swing reads that it deals damage and converts 75% of it into a shield which is “applied to the most damaged hero at the time.”

This is not working as intended. Currently it applies to whichever hero currently has the lowest health at the time, regardless of whether they are damaged.

If your Gully is at 600/1400 HP, she is currently damaged by 800, but if you Garrison is at 580/580, the shield would go onto him, even though he is at full health.

Replicability - 10/10

This is extremely frustrating for Gully’s playstyle. If you are using her as a taunting tank, and you are attempting to sustain through high single-target damage, clearly you want the shield to apply to Gully, not the squishy who cannot even take damage because of taunt. Not only that, but later in her perk tree, Gully receives large bonuses when she has a shield on her, something which will be negatively affected by this bug.

It should probably read “lowest health”. the intention is that the character who is closest to death gets the shield (since theres no risk of overhealing). Heals will always favor allies who are most damaged (to avoid healing someone who is at a lower health but is at full). Her protection ability applies a stronger shield and you can pick your targets with that one :slight_smile:


I think that is a little big unfortunate, to be honest. Gully was my favorite character throughout the whole beta, and I used her as a taunting tank. Throughout the entire game, I very vividly noted times, over and over, where I absolutely would have used Barrier Swing (and sometimes I even did, hoping that the shield would go on Gully this time, maybe) as a great way to do some damage while still sustaining Gully. In it’s current form, however, I found myself almost never using it except for fun or when it didn’t matter, simply because the shield was almost always wasted on my squishies, and because if I really needed one of them shielded, the “protection” ability shielded for almost twice as much (70% more, by my math).

For her role as a tank/protector of the party, this feels to me like a missed opportunity for some synergy. This will be even more true once she reaches her level 100 perk “Shield Assault”, giving her a 50% damage boost while she has a shield on, as this attack will both grow that shield as well as deal damage.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I think if you allowed the ability to act exactly as it reads now, and shield whoever is currently the most damaged (who is probably getting hit the most and the most likely to benefit from a shield), and you trusted people to use “protection” if they needed to single out a squishy to be shielded, then those abilities in particular would both feel much stronger and more synergistic with her playstyle.

Either way, I guess the bug is just the text then :slight_smile:

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