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[BUG] Keybord stop responding

At the end of the “Sentier du Croc” dungeon, after I killed the “black magic lycan boss”, some keyboard shortcuts stop responding.
No more “Escape” (impossible to save/quit), no more "C"haracter "I"nventory, TAB etc…

Only “M"ap was working. And “E” to read/use things. (and Windows key was ok too).
(I double check to see if it was my keyboard layout or something”).

When I got out of the Dungeon, keyboard was working perfectly again.
(Screen to see the dungeon layout if it can help).

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Same problem here! I Had to close the windows game! D:

I hadith the same bug again yesterday.
Happend just after going donc the ladder in the sewer.
This time “action dungeon keys” (space, Q) was working.
But impossible to open inventory, characters tab, etc.

After closing/opening the process, no problem.

This bug is rare

Hey guys!
Looks like I found the problem. I’m testing fixes now!
It’ll be out in our next patch for sure.

Thank you so much for all your info! It helped a ton in tracking this down!