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[BUG] Impossible optional quest "the well" (FRENCH)

A traduction error render a quest unsovable:

The optional boss in the well, need items to be summoned. One of them: SCUMMY GROG.

In french , the well ask for " TORD-BOYAU VERMINEUX" . Problem, there’s no item named tord-boyau vermineux…

In fact, in the shop the item is called : " GROG TROUBLE".
(I lost a lot of time looking for this item :frowning: . Eventually I had to switch the game in english to understand the problem).

Text should be harmonized. Either both “Grog Trouble”, either both “tord-boyau vermineux”.
“Tord-boyau vermineux” is used during the whole quest text. So maybe just rename “Grog Trouble” item.

The well also asks for Bouillie des Pénitents (Pauper’s Slop) but this item is named Boullion du Pauvre in the shop.