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[BUG] healing 0 after being revived with potion

First of all this happened before the 09-11-2017 patch

I got in a fight where Gully was on low health. I queued Calibretto to heal her (with the strongest 1 person heal ability). Unfortunately the enemy got his turn first and downed Gully. Garrison revived Gully with a minor revive potion. Calibretto’s heal activated on Gully now but healed 0 points of HP. This might be a bug? The heal did not swap to one of the other 2 team members.

And later there was an enemy stuck in the map where I could not go:


Hey @Bloodlust, sorry you experienced these issues! I’ve forwarded the revive issue so we can investigate it. In regards to the mob that was stuck below geometry - it does appear that there were some navigation issues with this room. I’ve made some fixes to the room in question and it should hopefully be resolved in the next patch. Thank you for the reports!