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[BUG] Giant lycelots in Deadwatch

Not sure if it’s a real bug but since v.23172, the lycelots in Deadwatch seem quite bigger…

Wow! Thats a new one. Are all of the ones you see like that? Or only him?

Under the cemetery, their size is quite reasonable. I couldn’t find another one above.
I also checked in the Path of Fangs and they’re normal too.

ok thanks for the info! let us know if you see anymore giant creatures like that. We’ve never seen that before

I have made multiple runs in Deadwatch since, but I was unable to spot another pretentious lycelot…
The next time I see a giant again, I will sent you my save file.

I got another one! There is also a giant bat.

Here is the save files: saves - Giant (8.0 MB)

Edit: My version is v.23288