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[BUG] Fishing gear comparison

I think the fishing gear comparison numbers are bugged. It always shows a negative red number of the amount of the actual gear you select. Even if the gear you are comparing it with is much better. The Moldy Lure has a Lure Attract of 60 so it shows -60. When you swap the items it gives a -220 because the Enlarged worm has a lure of 220. So it’s not comparing the two with each other.

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Good “catch!” sorry about that.


@Airship-Steve, do you guys read all the reports?
I reported this bug a while ago [UI] Incorrect Fishing Equipment comparison numbers
How can we make sure you saw a reported bug?

We try to get to as many as we can. I have that one on a list. :slight_smile:


I was wondering what was going on with this. I kept thinking, “how are all these blues and purples worse than the starter lure/rod?” I’ll have to look more closely now.