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[BUG] Few bugs and feedback

  1. When You go to town to validate the forge quest, there’s a bug in french, the “blood covered letter” is not colored, and instead you can read something like “color=29888…Blood…” .

  2. I feel the character is slow in dungeon. An option to speed it a little bit would be great.
    So slow, I dont feel like exploring too much…

  3. You should add Shortcut Key for skills and actions during fight.

  4. The skills tooltip appears only when you select it. It should appears when you mouse over too.

I just played 45 minutes. Game feels great. BUT, already too slow, and too much click for actions in general.


Thanks for the feedback! You can also try using the keyboard and E to select actions and confirm targets (a little faster than clicking). We also support controllers (which i also think feels a lot better than mouse/keyboard). May help with the combat feel a bit also.

I tried with E. Sometimes it doesn’t work,I don’t know why.

There’s quite some problem with colored text in french. (look left column, last completed quest).

Do you need me to printscreen everything ?