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[BUG] Fell Through The Floor

I was in Balefire Cavern, I literally fell through the floor (see picture). I tried to fall through it again after going to main menu and back again, but it might have been a random glitch, I was able to run outside of the designated area.

@shadowhermit, sorry you experienced that! Would it be possible to get a screenshot of where you were standing right before you fell through? Or was it you entered the micro-dungeon and immediately fell through? Thanks so much!

@AirshipAndy, its hardly anything to apologize for! I am just happy to help. So, the story goes, I entered the micro-dungeon, lit the first torch I saw (which you can see in the original screenshot next to the inventory satchel) I walked down the stairs hugging the right ledge, and then I went straight down quite quickly. I screenshot where roughly where I fell, I might be a little before I fell.

While I was trying to recreate the glitch, I noticed there is a slight bump up next to the 4th torch in that row. My theory is that, that bump up ended up bumping me down below the floor level and proceeded to the bottom layer of the level design. I’ll keep trying to recreate it, hopefully it’ll happen again.

Thanks @AirshipAndy! The game is incredible, everyone there did/are doing an amazing job!

Aw thanks for the kind words @shadowhermit! :smiley: Will take a look at this area in particular and get it patched up. I greatly appreciate the report and the screenshot! Will definitely help locating the issue!


The first time I entered the [Balefire Cave] I glitched into the earth right after the loading screen and I only could move in the red circle area…

  • Gully was the Team Leader
  • I pressed [S + D] Buttons right after loading screen (immediately glitched into the earth)
  • I killed one single Lycelot Tracker that was one point away from the Cave before entering
  • First time ever entering the Cave

Thanks @MrSalty! Very useful information, we’ll take a look at what’s going on here. :slight_smile:

Np dude :slight_smile:
It’s a wonderful game. Keep up the work ^^

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