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BUG: directional input

while playing using a controller (tried both xbox and ps4)

no longer able to use the directional (left analog) to select menu items lower than the first item. holding down will bring the cursor down but releasing will sent a positive vertical input, returning the cursor immediately to the top menu item.

adjusting dead zones and controller settings did nothing.
restarting system did nothing.

Keyboard input functions normally. Game functioned normally a monthish ago.

Hey, @Gbbishop! Are you playing on Steam? Steam’s controller configuration sometimes messes with our control input API, Rewired.
If you turn off the Use Non-Steam Controller Configuration option for Battle Chasers, this should fix the issue. If you play Battle Chasers from within Big Picture Mode, you should be able to open up the Steam Overlay and find it under controller options, and turning it off from there should apply only to Battle Chasers.

Thanks Ortiz. That makes sense. Thanks for the workaround. I am indeed
playing on steam.

Really fantastic game BTW. I am having trouble deciding which is my
personal GotY, this or Hollow Knight. :smiley:

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