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BUG - Crash on start! need some help [EDIT: Video player related]

The majority of users tend to use the Klite Codec pack or the CCCP codec pack. Would you haveppen to have one of those as generally users of VLC end up getting one of those to complement the player itself

Klite codec sounds about right. I went ahead and downloaded what appears to be the latest in that regards, installed it.
Tried the video thing again (removing them from the folder, etc. …) : Same issue.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling vcredist: no change.

have had no problems with any crashes, until i exited mid-dungeon for dog needing to go out. then, i launched the game without re-starting and entered dungeon. graphics went odd, so i exited and crashed before exit completed.

@Allow: Were you able to play again without problems after that?

@Reinhard: will PM

started it up to check, and all’s well. will continue the fun later tonight, thanks :smiley:

here you should be able to get the crash report files!AoxXD50UB19Ykz99FNcAXQovM5KE

dunno what it is

Has there been a solution to the BC.exe stopped working crash? I was playing fine yesterday morning and started getting the crash during the afternoon. Please help.

The fix that @Kred was getting was fixed when he reinstalled Windows. Something had gotten into a bad state on his machine, I think.

Reinstall Windows?! Isn’t that a bit extreme for my case. The game was playing fine in the morning. I exited the game, shut off the comp, and couple hours later this the BC.exe error happened. I highly doubt any major changes happened while the computer was off.

Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting that as a potential fix, just wanted to let you know Kred fixed it on his end.

Are you having any problems launching any other games now? I wonder if maybe some Windows update installed or a driver update or something, that could be causing problems?

No problem running other games. I’ve just checked and all the drivers are up to date.

Could you post your logfile from the game? It should be in the directory where the game is installed, something like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Battle Chasers Nightwar\BC_Data\output_log.txt

Also, when you crash, do you get a crash dialog that points you to more information you could attach?

Not sure if this works but this should be the output log:

There isn’t any more information about the crash. It just states that bc.exe crashed and there’s no drop down for additional info.

Hi @Hooper is there any update on this issue? There’s another thread talking about the same issues here:

Please let me know.

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