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Buff/Debuff Durations

I noticed it a little when I was progressing with my normal team of Bretto, Gully, and Garrison, but I decided to go back and level up Monika, Knolan, and Alumon and I am having an issue with how the durations on some things work. Monika can be built as a high evade damage dealer, but the buff from Fade Strike and Lightning Reflexes both have a duration of 3 turns which tick down on both the ‘turn’ that you chose what you are doing, as well as when you actually use an ability which means that if you use an ability, you are going to lose all stacks of Fade Strike before you can restart the duration. Similar things also occur with debuffs, which means that if unless you have Bretto on your team it is hard to get a dispel off in time for things like doom or the paralyzing venom.

Because of these things, I’ve found that in many combats I prefer to use weaker actions instead of the stronger abilities because then I either get more mileage out of buffs, or can do more before a debuff wrecks me, though the opposite is true when I only have something like a sunder or Hot on, as more times for it to tick down makes me want to use an ability.

I think the best thing to do would to make all turn based buffs and debuffs not tick down on the cast of an ability. This would also mean that Dots and Hots would not tick on casts either.