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Broadcasting software can't pick the game up

Steam won’t recognize that I’m streaming when I’m trying to broadcast the game. OBS sees a black window and the cursor. Doesn’t matter windowed/full screen.

Didn’t see anyone talk about this. Why does it happen?

Have you tried disabling the steam overlay?

Yes. It still says “X’s stream is unavailable at this time”. Also doesn’t explain why OBS only sees a black screen.

That’s odd I did a really quick stream to twitch adn didn’t have any issues. And I have no idea how to really use OBS either. And I was usign it through TeamViewer which should be ultra worst case senario.

What are your system specs?

i5 2500k
R9 270x

I usually stream Overwatch and play on mid-high. High-ultra when not streaming. Can’t say I’ve had an issue like this before.

We’re looking into why OBS and Action! aren’t streaming the game.
Just to make sure we cover all bases: have you tried streaming your desktop with the game in windowed mode?

Even in Full Screen it does work with Display Capture on OBS.

It doesn’t work with Game Capture in both Windowed and Full Screen. You only see the cursor and a black screen on those.

Steam still doesn’t recognize it and I can’t Broadcast it, even though the “You can now broadcast to friends” toast pops up when the game launches.

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Agreed. Only way I could get it to work was with Display Capture in OBS.

This is what I did but I have to do it for a 1/3 of games I play anyway. Had no problem using OBS.

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I used ShadowPlay to capture it and it works pretty fine!

In the same boat with OBS Studio - just a black screen with the cursor. I’d rather not have to use Display capture simply because I don’t want to display my desktop if I have to alt+tab.

Update for everyone:

  • if you run the game with the command line option -popupwindow (right click Battle Chasers in Steam, select Properties and then click Set Launch Options) and
  • change the screen mode in Video Options to Windowed

This will change the screen to a Windowed Screen mode.

OBS will then recognize Battle Chasers as a valid source when using Window Capture :slight_smile: