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Breaking Walls - Please Update Calibretto & Garrison Abilities!

Though it’s cool to have Gully be able to break walls, it’s really annoying when you’re mid-way through a dungeon and have to walk alllllll the way back to the entrance to swap her in just to break the wall, then walk allllll the way back to swap the other people back in. It would make sense to give Calibretto’s ‘Cannot Shot’ the ability to break walls, and Garrison’s ‘Flash Bomb’ could also realistically break walls. This would help eliminate the BORING trek of walking back and forth (because the movement speed on the map is so slow). With only 5 people, you’re bound to at least have one of them if 3 characters have the ability to break walls.

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In addition to allowing more character than just Gully to break walls, I would also like to see something where you’re still able to use non-combat skills for exploration purposes (e.g. Gully’s smash to break walls) without it having the combat initiating effect when you’re out of charges.

For example, Gully’s smash will stun nearby enemies whenever it consumes a charge but, if you’re out of charges, you can still use it to smash walls; if you have no charges left and use it next to an enemy, they ignore it.

Yes! That would be amazing. I’m afraid to use most abilities because I might need them in the dungeon.

Yes, completely agree with this

@ValynStyx - Why have the same ability on 3 characters, that’s just silly. There has to be a negative for not picking Gully, to give each character some incentive. I personally love how it is right now. I don’t travel with Calibretto so I don’t have any healing while roaming the dungeon but hey, that’s the fun of picking and choosing a variety of characters. If you like Gully’s ability that bad, I would just find a way to fit her into your group.
@Kitru - I agree. Using the smash over and over would be cool to keep breaking walls without affecting enemies.

It’s not “the same ability” on 3 characters. It’s simply providing the same exploration benefit to more than 1 character on 3 different abilities. Gully is the only character that gets a unique exploration capability (there are numerous characters that allow you to ignore traps), and I can’t really fathom a good reason for it. Gully’s smash is already an extremely powerful combat starter since it stuns all enemies (basically giving your entire party a free round); why should it also be the only way that you can access a significant number of chests throughout the game.

The only other case where there is a “required” character to get certain loot are the Towering Monoliths in the Mana Rifts and, even then, there’s 2 characters that qualify for each rune type (‘Bretto/Gully, Garrison/Monica, Knolan/Alumon). Having an exploration capability that is unique to a single character just doesn’t really jive with the games’ general “bring the party you want” mentality, especially when there is a decent reason for other characters to share it.

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Yeah I get where your coming from. All I’m saying is I like variety. Wish there were even more individual abilities with a way to switch some out for others, that would be the best of both worlds