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[Breaking bug] Cannot use correct Char in combat (Cape d'armus skill)

After Gully “Cape d’armus” skill (with this skill Gully resurrect with 50% life), Gully was killed.

Then her life was 50% at once, before the rez animation.

As a result, it’s Garrison’s turn, but I can only ccontrol Gully… (see screen capture).
Impossible to continue the fight. I can only Save-n-quit.

I tried to click on everything, but I cannot issue command.

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I also have the same bug, I was reporting this bug when the forum proposed this thread :stuck_out_tongue: The only settings I changed is I disabled VSync but I don’t know if it’s related.

The problem with this issue is that we can’t do anything else that leaving the game, because we are completely stuck :frowning:

(Btw I’m also french…)

Capture d’écran (253)