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Blue screen bug

Hey guys!
Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but here is my PS4 bug:

Once I kill the boss in Junktown, I expected to watch a cut scene. Instead, he dies, then I got a blue screen with a white circle where the lift’s highlight was. Then the characters go mental - “He’s going to blow…”, Red Monika arrives, yadda yadda. Once that cut scene was over, it returned me to the game.

An odd one, and I have had no trouble playing the game since.

Not exactly the same, but similar. I just played Strongmont for the first time and when i got to the Bhargus cut scene the screen was just entirety blue with subtitles.

i had the exact same bug on the current patch with the ps4 version. i was able to visit it again and it worked properly.

this type of bug seemed to happen with i would force the dialog instead of letting it happen automatically.