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BLACK SCREEN from Start of the game

Hello i have a great issue, i bought the game today and installed it “the normal” way in steam and as i start it - i only get a black screen! I tried to find solutions with google search, but i didint find anything about it. I dont wanna stream, i only wanna playfor myself. I have Windows 10 64bit edition, enough memory and Ram, my grafik card is radeon rx 480 and all drivers are on newest lvl. Probably 1 has a sloution for me - if not - i have to get back the game

  • edit --> i have no Wondows 10 N Edition so i cant install a media pack to fix this problem!

(sry my bad english - im not native speaker…)

i have same problem.I have ps4. And no solution yet.

PS4 LAUNCH ISSUE - Screen Goes Black check this and reply please e

Hey, @LaolaLover, could you try playing on DirectX9 mode? If this does not work, maybe try turning off video playback as outlined in this tutorial and see if that helps: BC.cfg Options!

@Tutakamuru, we’re very sorry you’re having this issue on PS4. We’re looking into it now, but this issue is different on PS4 vs PC, so the solutions on this thread won’t work for you. Keep watching the PS4 thread about this issue.

i tried this options - but unfortunately nothing works - so i wait still 1 day and search for other solutions ; then i give the game back to steam - no sense if i cant play it :slight_smile:

solution found - steam app files missed - uninstall complete steam and new installation --> succes! :wink: it works - im happy about - !but i had to uninstall steam complete and delete all folder on hard disk!

–> So PS4 user try this too :slight_smile:

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Just curious @LaolaLover what language is your Windows install set to?

its german language - i bought the oem key windows 10 multi-language (so german used)…