Big Game Hunter Steam achievement

I can’t seem to get the “Big Game Hunter: Complete 100% of the Bestiary” achievement on Steam to pop. I have it 100% completed, so I can view every one in the bestiary. In the Dungeon Codex I can see 153/153 unique monsters seen, and I killed them all. I thought I had an issue with Shade of Belevros, but I beat him once in the Arena during my first play-through, and beat him again in Iron Outpost during NG+. Please help me unlock this achievement. I have 46/48 achievements now. I want to beat the game on NG+ to have them all unlocked before I review the game. Thank you.

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Hello sk8ernater19,
Did you check that your bestiary doesn’t contain any ??? for any monsters?
If I remember well you must kill some monsters multiple times before unlocking all the “bonuses” or “info” about them. After doing that for all if will trigger the achievement… that’s my guess :wink:
Note: I have all the achievements on steam as well